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Salt Wellness Pilates

Salt Wellness Pilates


Joseph Pilates

Welcome to SALT Wellness, Pilates in South Cambridge

Offering small group classes and private sessions, under the expert eye of a Physiotherapist and experienced Pilates teacher.

Classes are designed to help strengthen your body, free you from pain and focus your mind, through the precision of Pilates.

Our bodies are incredible in their potential for strength, resilience and the ability to free themselves from pain.

Many people however, live a life limited by pain or restriction, unable to break the cycle and not knowing where to start on their journey towards optimum health.

Here at SALT Wellness we offer solutions to our clients, who want to improve their movement, alleviate illness and restore their equilibrium.

Are you ready to return to a life of abundant energy and vitality?

As your Pilates teacher, I am also a qualified Physiotherapist, so I can identify the causes of your problems, helping you feel amazing by giving you back control of your body.

  • Through practicing Pilates and using our no-compromise products, we combine the best of movement, science and nature so you can integrate nourishing solutions into your everyday life.
  • Together we can unlock your potential, teaching you body awareness, improving strength and flexibility and providing your body the fuel it needs to perform at its very best.
  • Unless you make the necessary changes to your health, you will continue to struggle to live life to the full, living with pain; lacking energy; battling with sleep and weight issues and fighting illness.

By making the decision to commit to change, you are choosing health and freedom of movement.

NOW IS THE TIME to live each day of your life free from the worry of aches and pains and with abundant health.


Pilates Classes hertford

Pilates classes

Classes - Ready to feel stronger, lighter, energised and pain free?

SALT Wellness offers a range of classes, from Rehabilitation to Advanced to Pre and Post Natal, so you can be sure of the correct class for you. Focussing on small groups to ensure you get the very best in individual attention, combining mat work and small equipment.

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Personal Pilates Packages

Pilates private sessions

Private sessions - prefer to work on a one-to-one basis, or have a specific fitness goal in mind?

Our private sessions are tailored to your needs, within your own home.

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Joseph Pilates

Salt Wellness Client Testimonial

"Best Pilates instructor you’ll ever have. I’ve worked with Emma for 6 months and she’s been incredible in my postnatal journey. Love her both as a tutor and a person. Highly recommended!" Antonia B.

Salt Wellness Client Testimonial

"This is my second visit to one of Emma's pilates classes. She took time before the first class up chat through any health issues & injuries which was good. The class was small which meant Emma has time to carefully monitor everyone & make any necessary adaptations to the exercises. Emma is friendly & approachable & would thoroughly recommend" Shelley J.

Salt Wellness Client Testimonial

"I have loved going to Emma's classes and have noticed a big difference in my core strength. My back problems are far better and I really notice the way it stiffens up if I miss any classes. Thank you Emma you're a great teacher!" Kathy T.